Our loved ones are part of our story

For Friends and Family

To our wonderful friends and family,


Whether you've been with us from the beginning or you're just learning about our decision to adopt, thank you for taking the time to read about our journey and support us. Bringing a baby into our family is such an exciting step, and we are happy to be able to share it with you!

This website is designed to be utilized both by you (our loved ones) and potential matches (birth parents looking for the right family for their baby). Feel free to explore the whole website if you'd like, but this page is where you'll find ways to support us, stories from our path to parenthood, and resources to educate yourself about adoption.

Spread the word! Tell your friends and families that you know of a wonderful family hoping to adopt. You never know what connection might lead to a match! If you hear of any leads, please pass them along.

Share your stories with us. Do you have experience with adoption? Parenting? So much is new to us right now, and we'd love to learn from you! 

Pass along your baby stuff. If you have gently used baby gear you're not using anymore, we'd be happy to give it a second life!

Educate yourself about adoption. Learn about the complicated history of adoption in the US that led to the in-depth modern process, including adoption-positive language to talk about it! See this page to get started.

Donate to our adoption fund. See below for more on this one!

Thank you!

Donating to our adoption fund


Friends and family, if you're unfamiliar with the infant adoption process, you may not know that the average adoption in the US costs the adoptive family about $50,000. This includes agency fees, the cost of a home study, legal fees, and care for the birth parent (anything from hospital bills to lawyer fees). We have, of course, been saving and planning for this, but if you feel excited and able, we'd love your help!

Before our wedding had to be pushed off due to COVID-19, we had listed "Adoption Fund" as our priority ask on our wedding gift registry. If you were planning on contributing to our adoption fund as a gift, we would be honored and grateful if you would advance us that gift despite the change in our wedding timeline! 

Ways to Donate


Venmo @Robyn-Char


Mail us a check! If you don't have our address, email or text us.

Hiking with the pups
Engagement photos at Como Lake
Beard-themed surprise party for a friend's birthday!
9 months after Fawkes proposed, Robyn planned a surprise counter-proposal for Fawkes in an escape room!
Sunset in Hawaii while visiting family


We've taken the time to answer your most pressing questions about our adoption journey.

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The More You Know

Adoption in the United States hasn't always been child-centered. Walk with us as we learn about this past.


Home Study Agency

We decided to partner with Children's Home/Lutheran Social Service (CH/LSS) for our home study. Go check them out!