Everyone needs an advocate

Next Steps in the Expectant Parent Adoption Process

Making the best decision for you and your baby involves complex emotions and difficult choices. We hope that the information on this page can help you move forward on whatever path is right for you.

If you decide to move forward with an adoption plan, you'll eventually choose an adoptive family for your baby- a step referred to as a "match".

Although you don't have to be working with an agency or an attorney when you decide to match with an adoptive family, you will have to do so to make the adoption legal and final.


Finding an Advocate


Expectant parents that decide to make an adoption plan are legally required to work with an advocate in their home state. An advocate could be a pregnancy counselor, an adoption agency, and/or an adoption lawyer.

Generally, the fees associated with these services are incurred by the family you choose to match with, so there is little or no cost to the you.

Your advocate will help you understand your options, provide support along the way, and help you navigate the process of adoption, should you choose that path.

Adoption laws are different in every state, so you may need more than one type of advocate working with you. Contacting an agency or adoption lawyer can help clarify what requirements your state has, and can help you decide how you want to move forward.

Expectant parents living in Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota, we recommend reaching out to our adoption agency, Children's Home/Lutheran Social Service (CH/LSS).

CH/LSS provides expectant parents with free pregnancy counseling services, and can also help parents that decide to create adoption plans to match with hopeful adoptive families like ours.

You can visit www.chlss.org to learn more.


You can also contact our adoption worker Elizabeth directly at Elizabeth.Bohlken@chlss.org, or by calling (651) 255-2223.

We appreciate CH/LSS because they are understanding, easy to work with, and provide pregnancy counseling to expectant parents that haven't yet decided how to move forward with their baby - but we recognize that our choice is not necessarily the best for everyone.

There are many other adoption agencies in Minnesota, as well as adoption attorneys, that can help you on your path.


Click here for a list of adoption attorneys in Minnesota that belong to the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA).

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Expectant parents living outside of Minnesota

Since our agency can only provide services to expectant parents living in Minnesota, those living in other states will have to look to other adoption agencies or attorneys to be their advocate. A Google search for "Adoption Agencies near me" might be a good start.

Our recommendation to expectant parents ready to take the next step and contact an in-state attorney is to go through the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, or "AAAA".

The AAAA-approved Attorney Directory can help you find an attorney with whom you can work to make an adoption plan, find an agency, and ask questions about the adoption process in your state.

You can find a list of approved attorneys and learn more about the AAAA at https://adoptionart.org/.

Although our experiences with the adoption process are different, our goal as adoptive parents is shared with you: to give your baby all the love and care in the world. We want to work with you to achieve that goal, even if that means you decide to parent your child.