Near and far, united by love

Our Families

Robyn's Family
Robyn is the middle of three kids, with an older brother (Justin) and a younger sister (Corinne). Their parents, Debbie and Doug, can't wait to become grandparents! Corinne and her husband, Will, are expecting, so the first grandbaby should be arriving in February 2021. They live in St. Louis, MO, as do Robyn's parents. Justin and his wife, Jessica, live in San Jose, CA. Robyn has grandparents in Hawaii and Florida and other relatives around the world!
Even though we don't live in the same state, we get together regularly for holidays, vacations, and family reunions. These occasions often involve extended family, too, including Robyn's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Robyn's family is excited to welcome adopted children, and Robyn has cousins who joined the family through adoption.

New Zealand with Robyn's parents, grandpa, brother, and sister-in-law


Backyard hangout with Fawkes' parents and siblings

Fawkes' Family
Fawkes is the youngest of three kids, with a brother (Pat) and sister (Jen) who were already teens when Fawkes was born. Their birth mother, Kathy, passed away in 2011. Fawkes' dad, Jim, and step-mom, Donna, live just down the road (well, a mile away), and we get together frequently for family meals and backyard hangouts. Fawkes' siblings live nearby as well, so we get to see the whole family!
Donna and her siblings' families share a cabin "up north", and we love to get together for holiday weekends of boating, swimming, hiking, and grilling. The extended family also gathers for Christmas parties, birthdays, and graduations. We're excited for the day we get to bring a baby up to the cabin to meet everyone!

Holiday brunch with Fawkes' parents

Char family reunion in HI

Fawkes' mom and Cousin Sara

Robyn's cousins at a lake house

Shave ice in Hawaii

Fawkes and siblings

Grandma Char in Hawaii

Fawkes and their dad

Robyn with her brother and sister-in-law in California

Robyn's family photo circa 2003

Stargazing in New Zealand

Paddle boating with Robyn's parents