(False) spring has sprung!

Gosh, for being in a pandemic, time is really flying!

We haven't written any blog posts for a while, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. In fact, I'd say we've been busier than ever - with work, COVID-pod life, and house projects (the DIY bathroom remodels are finished!), 2021 has started off in high gear. Now that it's false spring, we figured it was time to catch up on what's going on with us.

In addition to taking (online) parenting classes and learning about how to care for babies, we're continuing to work to educate ourselves about modern-day adoption (and the history of adoption) through podcasts, books, social media groups, and articles. There's a lot to unpack, and we've been making sure we're immersing ourselves in the generously-shared knowledge of the adoption triad.

New nursery shelves!

We're also continuing to nest: the nursery plants are happily potted, new shelves are in, and all the (adorable!) baby clothes we've gotten from family and friends are hung up and ready to use. We even took some time to work on our own bedroom space to fit the bassinet in there with us (we're planning to have baby sleep in our room for a while).

Something else we've been working on since our last post in December (!) is that we decided to work with an adoption consultant, which basically means we've got a professional to help hold our hands and guide us through this complicated and emotional process. Our consultant has been really great, and we're so pleased we made the decision we did.

In addition to offering educated perspectives and advice to us, our consultant helped us choose additional adoption agencies to work with beyond the one that we started with here in Minnesota. That means that one of the things we've been working the hardest on in the past three months is filling out even more paperwork - so much paperwork! - but the result is that we're now signed up with four agencies in four different states! All of these agencies provide counseling and other services to expectant parents, and treat adoption as just one of many options available to them, including parenting. Working with additional agencies allows information about us to get in front of more expectant parents considering an adoption plan, some of whom will hopefully choose us as adoptive parents... Fingers crossed!

We're really looking forward to what 2021 has to offer - including a new nephew and a bunch of other babies that our friends are expecting (one of them is due out next Monday, although they've shown no signs of interest in joining the wider world just yet). Robyn is half-vaccinated against COVID, and I'm waiting eagerly for my turn. With any luck we can start seeing non-pod people again sometime this summer!

We hope to add to our own family in 2021, too - until that happens, we'll continue to grow with each other and take what life has to offer.

Cheers to 2021!

Fawkes and Robyn

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