Home Study Approved!

It's official, friends: our home study has been approved, which means we're legally ready to welcome a baby into our family!

The road to parenthood through adoption can be long and complicated, but one of the major milestones along the way is the home study-- a 12 page document put together by an adoption worker that chronicles a potential adoptive couple's personal history, relationship, home and community, and hopes for parenthood. This document is then filed with the state and officially certifies the couple as adoption-ready. Our wonderful adoption worker, Elizabeth, spent so much time and care writing up our home study, and she sent us the finalized, signed, super-official copy today!

Now that our home study is completed, a baby can be legally placed with us any time!

We still could have a long wait ahead, though; the average wait time between home study approval and placement of a baby is 1-3 years. Of course, it could be much shorter (or much longer), and we're hoping that our outreach will help expectant parents find us.

So what's next? We're working hard to get the word out that we're ready and waiting to welcome a baby into our family! Our loved ones can help by spreading the word and sharing our website far and wide. Many adoption matches these days happen when friends, coworkers, and family members connect folks in their networks to the adoptive parents. We're so grateful for your help!

Whether we match in a week, a year, or longer, we know that it will be well worth it in the end. And now that we're home study approved, we're one step closer to making this dream come true!

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