It's Official! The Application Is In

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

We've turned in our application to join the Domestic Infant Adoption Program at a local adoption agency

Well, folks, it's official! We've submitted our application to join the Domestic Infant Adoption program at a local adoption agency, Children's Home/Lutheran Social Services (CH/LSS). We chose to go with CH/LSS because they are a full-service agency - they provide training, home studies to certify potential adoptive families, post-adoption support throughout the child's life, and a variety of services for birth parents, including counseling and help understanding parenting and adoption plan options.

Now that our application is in, we'll be assigned a social worker who will be our go-to person for the rest of the process. They will conduct our home study, which is the process through which we'll become certified by the state to adopt. As part of the home study, our social worker will interview us about our personal histories, openness to different situations, and parenting philosophies. They will also take a look at our home to make sure that a baby will be safe in the house.

There's still a long road ahead of us, but we are so excited to be jumping into the process! We know that all the work will be well worth it.

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