An update on our journey (including some never-before-seen photos of our nursery!)

Now that we're a month into being home study-approved, we've really ramped up our outreach to expectant parents (hopefully some of you are reading this blog post! -hi and welcome!). It turns out that keeping up with social media (and other) updates is difficult. We have a newfound respect for people that do marketing as a full-time job... Y'all are dedicated!

Fawkes' "working on our website and outreach" setup.

As we work to reach as many expectant parents as we can in hopes that we're found by "the one", we've had to balance our own excitement about being parents with realistic expectations about how long this adoption process may or may not take. What we've learned is that, in the world of adoption, there is no true average wait time to have a baby placed with your family. No two adoption journeys are the same, and there's a significant element of luck (happenstance? serendipity?) involved in when (or if) hopeful adoptive parents meet and are matched with an expectant parent. A successful match and placement can really come down to being in the right ad space, social media feed, or agency profile book at the right time.

All that said, it means that, practically, it's really hard to plan for when we may be matched with a birth parent or family, let alone when we may have a baby placed with us. We decided to go with this strategy: prepare for the best-case scenario (being matched and taking placement on very short notice), and then we can be ready for anything.

With an optimistic and hopeful lens, we've done what we can to have a physical space ready for a baby to join our family (in addition to the space we already have in our hearts) (...too much?). As such, we've been collecting gently-used infant gear in the hopes that we'll be able to use it soon.

Ok but for real. How can you walk past these and NOT want them ALL?

We've been frequenting "Once Upon a Child" (which Fawkes refers to as "Play It Again Baby") for deals on clothes (or just to look at cute baby things), tapping friends and family for (even more) clothes and accessories, and perusing Facebook Marketplace for great deals on furniture and just about anything else. (Robyn is really proud of the entire set of brand-new/unused cloth diapers she got for half-price). Don't worry, we got a brand new travel system from Target so baby can be as safe as possible in our cars. (We may also have acquired a lot of woodland creature-themed clothes on these trips. Oops?)

One of the biggest things families do to prepare for the arrival of a baby (through whatever avenue they're growing their family) is to create a nursery for baby to sleep in. We were so excited to take this step together - and we're really quite pleased with the results! (Note: we're planning on having the baby sleeping next to our bed for probably the first three to six months, so it's gonna be a while until baby sleeps in their room, but... It's ready!)

We decided to go with a theme that really speaks to us as a couple and as a family: the woods. For us, that meant birch trees to reflect the forests we hike through at the family cabin and other favorite natural areas in northern Minnesota. We ended up painting two adjacent walls with a birch tree mural (do they also look like aspens? yes, yes they do) and going with some gray and white conifer curtains. We've got lots of woodland creature-covered baby clothes and accessories to match, and can't wait to add things as baby grows.

Anyway, here it is: the nursery! It really encompasses our aesthetic, and we're so excited to have a little baby human in there (hopefully more than one, as time goes by). We hope you like it, expectant parents, friends, and family!

Looking in.
Looking out.
One more plug: this rug is SO SOFT. It's 100% puppy-approved for napping.

EXTRA BONUS FEATURE! Please enjoy this slideshow containing the "making of" photos of the nursery room from start to finish.

That's that. Thanks for reading! (And viewing.)

Our love,


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