Verbal Approval and Love from Our Network

This week brings little and big steps forward in our adoption process! From plant cutting to legal approval, we're getting ready for Future Baby from every angle.

We'll keep Baby cozy with clothes from coworkers

No matter where you live in the US, every hopeful adoptive family goes through a home study process. Through our agency, we were connected with our wonderful social worker, Elizabeth, who spent hours video conferencing with us to learn about our childhoods, adult lives, and hopes for our future family. This week, she took her findings to a team at the agency and recommended our home study approval!

We won't be official for a few more weeks as Elizabeth types up the written home study document. Then she'll pass it off to us for a final look-over and signatures. Once it's signed, we'll be legally approved to adopt!

Plant cuttings for the nursery- a gift from a green-thumbed friend!

While we're preparing for our step into parenthood legally, we're staying busy by preparing our home and hearts for a little one as well. Friends and family have been super generous in helping us gather everything we need to make Future Baby cozy. We received plant cuttings from a friend so we can fill the nursery with green and growing things. Coworkers are passing along adorable baby clothes, nightgowns, and blankets. The last few weeks have brought an outpouring of love and support from our network of loved ones. We know that the path to parenthood takes many twists and turns, and we're grateful every day to be surrounded by such a fantastic support network!

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