Wow, I'm 33!

Today is my 33rd birthday. 33 is a great number - it's a palindrome, it's divisible by 11, and, well, it's fun to say. In honor my most recent trip around the sun, I'd like to take the time to recognize the people we have in our lives that go out of their way to make ours special.

In this time of COVID-19, nothing has been normal. We, like many others, have been missing the closeness of our families and friends. We most especially miss the hugs, board games, and meals that we normally share in close proximity to our people.

(Have we mentioned how much I love plants?)
Plant gifts!

Today, we were able to safely come together. We had good weather, access to outdoor spaces, and masks. We shared food, laughter, and the community that many of us haven't been able to access since the pandemic really hit. I, in particular, was appreciative of the time with family (mom, dad, siblings), good friends, and Robyn.

Our friends and family mean everything to us, and I am so grateful to our network and community for the love and support they provide us. They also know us so well. Among my birthday gifts were cakes (yes, multiple), a new coffee maker, and a multitude of plants - many of them for our nursery! (More on that later...) How lucky can a person be?

The takeaway from all this is that I'm immeasurably thankful for our friends and family and community. I am so excited to continue this adoption journey with Robyn knowing that these people are behind us 100%, and that they will love and support us and our child(ren) unconditionally.

Be well,


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