I've always wanted to be a mom.

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About Robyn

Written by Fawkes

Robyn is absolutely one of the most caring, loving, and genuine people I know. She is going to be an amazing mama!

Robyn is dedicated to our little family, and to the students she teaches. During the school year, Robyn works tirelessly to ensure that her children are cared for, and that their educational and emotional needs are being met each day. It's a big task that requires a lot of patience, fortitude, and love - all qualities that Robyn exemplifies.

Robyn has wanted to become a mother through adoption for so long, and I can't wait to grow with her as parents and as humans. I know, in my heart, that Robyn will be a loving, gentle, and guiding mama to our child. Her affection is deep, her love is unconditional, and she will be unendingly dedicated to our child. I'm so lucky to have Robyn by my side, during this process and for life.